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Ignition & Vacuum Testing

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Rotating, Wasted Spark, Direct
3 Types of ignition old to new ___, ___ ___ and ___
Low Tension
Primary ignition also called ___ ___
High Tension
Secondary ignition also called ___ ___
Primary, Secondary
We can assume that the lower voltage ___ mirrors the ___ when viewing one or the other on the scope.
Current Control, Internal
For COP the ___ ___ through the primary windings are ___
Inductive Probe, Secondary
We use an ___ ___ to measure ___ ignition of a COP.
Secondary Ignition
An inductive probe is used to measure the ___ ___
Burn Time
Ignition system output is the ___ ___, once this is good then all of the ignition system is good.
Cam, Crank
Ignition system triggers are ___ and _____ sensors
6, 20
Primary current should reach between ___ and ___ amps
Fouled Plug, Low Compression, Shunt
Poor burn time would mean F___ ___, L___ ___ or a ___
Output, Input, Current, Environment, Software
Diagnosing faults we have the 5 Point Rule of checks to consider : ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Current, Power, Ground
If Burn Time is poor we first check ___, if this is also bad we check for good P___ & G___ supplies
1, 2, Longer
Burn time is generally between ___ and ___ ms. L___ burn time is better
Secondary Winding
Coil ringing is residue energy that inverts back into the ___ ___, creating the coil ringing as it resonanates
Coil Ringing
___ ___ can tell us the the secondary windings are intact and mechanically sound
HT, Interruption
A loss of coil ringing is caused by a ___ fault or an incorrect ___ of current.
Firing Line Voltage
___ ___ ___ is the amount of energy that is consumed by the ignition system when delivering that energy to the plug.
Dwell, Saturation, Grounded
The D___ or S___ of the primary ignition is the time that the coil is G___, so creating a build up of current (saturating the coil with current)
Steady Idle - Gauge steady, 17-22 ___
Sticking valve, broken valve spring
Steady Idle - Intermittently drops several needle divisions ___ ___ or ___ ___ ___
Vacuum Leak, Valve Timing Off, Low Compression
Steady Idle - Steady, low reading, 8-14 ___ ___ or ___ ___ ___or ___ ___
Vacuum Leak
Steady Idle - Steady, low reading, under 8 ___ ___
Burnt Valve, Valve Clearance Too Tight
At Idle - Needle drops sharply on a regular rhythm ___ ___ or ___ ___ ___ ___
Vacuum Leak, Mixture Off
At Idle - Needle drifts up & down, along with rpm drift ___ ___ or ___ ___
Excessive Exhaust Back Pressure
Increasing rpm from idle - If vacuum gradually drops, then suspect ___ ___ ___ ___
Ignition Miss, Sticking Valve
At Idle - Intermitten slight fluctuation ___ ___ or ___ ___
Ignition timing too advanced
At Idle - Steady, above 22 ___ ___ ___ ___
Snap Throttle - Drops to about 2, jumps to about 25 ___
Worn Rings
Snap Throttle - Drops to 0, jumps to about 20
Firing Line, Cylinder Pressure
On a snap throttle the KV vertical ___ ___ increases due to the ___ ___ increasing.
Conductor, Increases
Fuel acts as a ___ allowing the spark to jump the gap with less effort. As cylinder compression ___, so does the resistance to spark, increasing the required energy.
Upward, Resistance, Compression, Fuel
The burn line slopes ___ when spark ___ increases due to high ___ or lean ___.
Snap Throttle
No fuel misfire is only seen on a ___ ___ test during the compression increase.
Firing Line, Spark Line, Coil
A very high ___ ___ and no ___ ___ is an open in secondary. Caused by a large ___ buildup that has no release.
Coil Reserve Voltage, Open, 40, Coil
___ ___ ___ tests primary system. ___ plug and check for high firing line near ___kV means ___ is working perfectly.
Primary System, Secondary
___ ___ gets us upto a good firing line after that its all about the ___ system.
Spark, Injector
If ___ line slopes very high, look for ___ problem.
Low, Open
If high firing line Kv with a ___ or no burn time, look for ___ in secondary.
Snap Throttle, Compression
If image looks good at idle but on ___ ___ test the spark line doesn’t increase with others, then it is sparking outside cylinder as ___ is not resisting the spark jump.
Increases, Snap, Restriction
Cylinder pressure ___ on a ___ throttle due to increased air volume since there is no throttle flap ___.
Resistance, Swirl, Spark
A choppy spark line can be caused by the changing ___ in a high ___, high pressure enviroment. Causing the ___ to jump around a bit
If you see a high firing line but no spark line then it means there is an ___ in the secondary system
Spark, Fuel
On a snap throttle test, if the ___ line increases as high as the firing line, means the resistance is too great for spark to burn, energy goes back into coil, caused by no ___