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abide by
To respect or obey a decision, a law or a rule
account for
To explain, give a reason
add up
To make sense, seem reasonable
advise against
To recommend not doing something
agree with
To have the same opinion as someone else.
allow for
To take into consideration
apply for
To make a formal request for something (job, permit, loan etc.)
back away
To move backwards, in fear or dislike
back down
To withdraw, concede defeat
bank on
To base your hopes on something / someone
black out
To faint, lose consciousness
block off
To separate using a barrier.
boil down to
To be summarized as
boot up
To start a computer by loading an operating system or program
break away
To separate from a crowd
break into
To enter by force
break out
To start suddenly
break out of
To escape from a place by force
break up
To come to an end (marriage, relationship)
bring up
To raise (a child)
brush up on
To improve, refresh one’s knowledge of something
bump into
To meet by chance or unexpectedly
call back
To return a phone call
call off
To cancel
calm down
To become more relaxed, less angry or upset
carry on
To continue
check in
To register at a hotel or airport
clam up
To refuse to speak
clamp down on
To act strictly to prevent something
come forward
To present oneself
count on
To rely or depend on (for help)
cut down on
To reduce in number or size
deal with
To handle, take care of (problem, situation)
die down
To calm down, become less strong
do without
To manage without
drag on
To last longer than expected
draw up
To write (contract, agreement, document)
dress up
wear elegant clothes
drop in
To visit, usually on the way somewhere
drop out
To leave school without finishing
ease off
To reduce, become less severe or slow down (pain, traffic, work)
end in
To finish in a certain way; result in
end up
To finally reach a state, place or action
fall through
To fail; doesn’t happen
figure out
To understand, find the answer
fill out
To complete (a form/an application)
find out
To discover or obtain information
focus on
To concentrate on something
get along (with)
To be on good terms; work well with
get at
To imply
get away
To escape
get by
To manage to cope or to survive
get in
To enter
get into (+noun)
To enter
get on
To board (bus, train, plane)
get on with (something)
To continue to do; make progress
get on (well) with (somebody)
To have a good relationship with
get out
To leave
get out of
To avoid doing something
get over
To recover from (illness, disappointment)
get over
To recover from (illness, disappointment)
get rid of
To eliminate
get together
To meet each other
get up
To rise, leave bed
give up
To stop doing something
go through
To experience
grow up
To spend one’s childhood; develop; become an adult
hand in
To submit (report, homework)
hand out
To distribute
hang out
To spend time in a particular place or with a group of friends
hang up
To end a phone conversation
hurry up
To be quick, act speedily
iron out
To resolve by discussion, eliminate differences
join in
To participate
keep on
To continue doing something
keep up with
To stay at the same level as someone or something
kick off
To begin, start
leave out
To omit, not mention
let down
To disappoint
look after
To take care of
look down on
To consider as inferior
look on
To be a spectator at an event
look for
To try to find something
look forward to
To await or anticipate with pleasure
look up to
To admire
make fun of
To laugh at/ make jokes about
make up
To invent (excuse, story)
mix up
To mistake one thing or person for another
move in
To arrive in a new home or office
move out
To leave your home/office for another one.
nod off
To fall asleep
own up
To admit or confess something
pass away
To die
pass out
To faint
pay back
To reimburse
put off
To postpone, arrange a later date
put on
To turn on, switch on
put out
To extinguish
put up
To accommodate, give somebody a bed
pick up
To collect somebody
point out
To indicate/direct attention to something
rely on
To count on, depend on, trust
rule out
To eliminate
run away
To escape from a place or suddenly leave
run into
To meet by accident or unexpectedly (also: bump into)
run out of
To have no more of something.
set off
To start a journey;
set up
To start a business
shop around
To compare prices
show off
To brag or want to be admired
show up
To appear/arrive
shut up (impolite)
To be silent, stop talking
sit down
To take a seat
stand up
To rise from a sitting position
stick up for
To defend
take after
To resemble, in appearance or character
take care of
To look after
take off
To leave the ground
take on
To hire or engage staff
take out
To remove; extract
tell off
To reprimand/criticize severely
think over
To consider
try on
To wear something to see if it suits or fits
turn down
To refuse
use up
To finish a product (so that there’s none left)
watch out
To be careful
wipe off
To clean (board, table).