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Secondary storage
Storing data on another device, such as a CD or USB pen.
Programs that give instructions to a computer and which allow the user to carry out different tasks.
Unwanted or junk email sent to lots of recipients at the same time.
Specification (spec)
The technical details of a device or system.
Spreadsheet model
A simulation of a real-life situation. For example, a spreadsheet model might be used to help plan an event like a school trip or concert. The organisers could use a model to help them decide how much they need to charge to cover their costs.
Software that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge, which collects information about your logins and passwords and sends details to another computer on the Internet.
A series of illustrations or images shown in sequence for the purpose of planning a movie, animation or website interactivity.
Terabyte or 1024 gigabytes.
Working from home but staying in touch with others with the help of technology.
Test buddy
Someone who provides feedback on the digital products that are being developed. They tell the developer what is good about the product and what should be improved.
Timeline storyboard
A series of screens shown in sequence used for planning a movie or an animated sequence.
A program that appears legitimate but which performs some harmful activity when it is run. It may be used to locate password information, or make the system more vulnerable to future entry, or simply destroy programs or data on the hard disk drive. A trojan is similar to a virus except that it does not replicate itself. It stays in the computer doing its damage or allowing somebody from a remote site to take control of the computer. Trojans often sneak in attached to a free game.
Usability test
Asks users to carry out a set of instructions using a given product.
The process of checking that the data entered is reasonable or one of the expected options, e.g. that a person's age has not been entered as 200.
A program designed to cause other programs on a computer to malfunction or stop working altogether.
White space
The blank (not necessarily white) area between screen components such as text and images. White space is an important design element.
Part of a program that helps the user to create a new document, chart, etc. A sequence of dialogue boxes guides the user through the steps needed to create the item required.
A compressed file format for emailing files or downloading.