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Hours (Traditional)

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hour, o'clock
second (of time)
erin i kemun
the clock
inenggi dulin onggolo
forenoon (A.M)
inenggi dulin
midday, noon
inenggi dulin amala
afternoon (P.M)
erin jafambi
to be punctual
singgeri erin
rat hour (11pm ~ 1am)
ihan erin
cow hour (1am ~ 3 am)
tasha erin
tiger hour (3am ~ 5am)
gvlmahvn erin
rabbit hour (5am ~ 7am)
muduri erin
dragon hour (7am ~ 9am)
meihe erin
snake hour (9am ~ 11am)
morin erin
horse hour (11am ~ 1pm)
honin erin
sheep hour (1pm ~ 3pm)
bonio erin
monkey hour (3pm ~ 5pm)
coko erin
chicken hour (5pm ~ 7pm)
indahvn erin
dog hour (7pm ~ 9pm)
ulgiyan erin
pig hour (9pm ~ 11pm)
emuci ging
1st ging (7pm to 9pm)
juweci ging
2nd ging (9pm to 11pm)
ilaci ging
3rd ging (11pm to 1am)
duici ging
4th ging (1am to 3am)
sunjaci ging
5th ging (3am to 5am)
sunjaci ging ni erin de
at the 5th ging