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Postpositions with the genitive case

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i amala
the back of
i amasi
backward, to the back of
i cisui
by oneself
i emgi
i fejile
the bottom of
i juleri
the front of
i ninggu
the top of
i oilo
the surface of
i sidende
in between
i songkoi
in accordance with
i teisu
facing, opposite; corresponding
i tule
the outside of
i tulgiyen
beside, apart from
i unduri
along (the road)
i baru
i haran
reason of
i teile
only, just (always used with 'i'), to the extent of
i ici
along with, on the side of, according to
i jalinde
for the sake of, on account ofor the purpose of, concerning
i ishun
facing, forward