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Verb 6 with Conjugation

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ume arara
don't write, don't do it
ume tere
don't sit!
ume genere
don't go!
to deceive, to lie
ume holtoro
don't lie!
mimbe jai ume holtoro
don't lie to me again!
to live
udu tulergi gisun
how many foreign languages
banjimbime udu tulergi gisun be tacihabi
how many foreign languages have you learnt in your life?
to suck in
be manju gisun i ai sembi
how do you say ~ in Manchu?
buraki i gese jaka be simire agvra be manju gisun i ai sembi
how do you call the machine that sucks in something like dust, in Manchu?
to run away, to desert
weilengge ini age i boode ukafi bihe
the criminal was hiding in his brother's place
to regret, to miss, to be angry at
manju gisun i simnen ci tuhefi korsoro anggala teni jai kiceme tacire
instead of being angry because of the fail to the Manchu exam, I will learn harder again
nei eyembi
to sweat
baita ci boode jihe manggi
after I came home from work
absi xadafi
after I get tired
absi xadaha turgunde
because I was so tired
baita ci boode jihe manggi absi xadafi nei eyehei bime amu isinjiha
I fell asleep with sweat because I got so tired after I came home from work
to be hungry
gulhun emu inenggi yuyuhebifi absi yadahvxambi
I'm very hungry because I've been starving all day
to be thirsty
enenggi mujakv halukan. si inu kangkaci omire be udara biheo
it's extremely hot, today. Would you mind buying something for drinking if you're thirsty, too?
to be full (after eating)
bi ebirakv oci lasha safi be sindara ba akv
I never put down my spoon unless I'm full.