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Easy use of Manchu postpositions

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of (genitive), by (instrumental)
musei gurun
our country
mini sargan jui
my daughter
ere niyalmai boo
the house of this person
han i araha bithe
the book written by Han
manju gisun i araki sembi
I want to write in Manchu language
abka i fulinggai banjibuha jui
the child born by a mandate from Heaven
ere bira be wasime gene
follow down this river
bithe be hvlaci acambi
you must read the book
sakdaha be gvnime alixambi
I worry about the elders
manju gisun be selgiyeki
let's disseminate the Manchu language
to (dative), at, in, by the time ~
bi mini eme de pinggu be bumbi
I give an apple to my mother
bi ere biya de juraka
I left this month
tacikv de genembio
are you going to school?
from, than (comparative), if
bi solho ci jihe
I came from Korea
monggo solho ci amba
Mongolia is bigger than Korea
si ubade jici
if you come here