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Reasons for Participation in PA

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Physical activity
serotonin levels
a feel good factor which improves somebody's mood
meeting new people,becoming part of a team and developing teamwork are all benefits of this key benefit
physical challenge
This physically pushes you out of your comfort zone which means it mentally challenges you as well
tone muscles
this is a physical benefit and it will occur by repeatedly using your muscles
examples of this key benefit are: relieves stress, increased self confidence, mental challenge, competive
healthy, active lifestyle
Physical activity, balanced diet, avoiding harmful substances, ability to concentrate and sustaining friendships all constitute to this
participating in PA can reduce this as it relaxes you and focuses you on the sport you are playing. It is a mental benefit
skill level
participating in PA will improve your skill level for a particular sport. This is a physical benefit
fitness improvement
participating in PA will increase your fitness. It is a physical benefit