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warm up
this is done before the main exercise session
main activity
this is where you will exercise the most during the session. This can be a fitness session, skill session or a match
cool down
this is done at the very end of the exercise session
aerobic stage
this is the first stage of the warm up and it is done to gradually raise your heart rate so the intensity will increase.
there are three types of stretches: dynamic, static and assisted. They are done in both warm up and cool down
skill related stage
this is where you perform skills in preparation for the main activity
static stretch
this is where you stretch the muscle and hold it for 10 seconds
assisted stretch
this is where you stretch by pushing against another person or wall
dynamic stretch
this is where the muscles is stretched whilst bouncing e.g lunges
Reasons for warm up
we do this stage to: avoid injury, raise heart rate, warm up specific muscles that are going to be used, prepare us main activity and focus the mind
reasons for cool down
we do this stage to: get rid of lactic acid and prevent blood circulating, calm your mind, lower your heart rate gradually, quicker recovery rate and prevent blood pooling