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Aerobic and anaerobic respiration

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aerobic fintess
the ability to exercise for a long time without getting tired
aerobic activities
these include: continuous activities which are longer than 60 seconds e.g. long distance running,cycling,aerobics
aerobic respiration
production of energy with oxygen
aerobic equation
glucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water + energy
aerobic explaination
if exercise is not too fast, the body can supply enough oxygen to the working muscles to produce energy
anaerobic fitness
the ability to exercise at a high intensity for a short period of time
anaerobic activities
intense activities which are less than 60 seconds e.g. 100m sprint, shot putt
anaerobic respiration
production of energy without oxygen
anaerobic equation
glucose -> carbon dioxide + water + energy + lactic acid
anaerobic explaination
if exercise is fast, the body can't supply enough oxygen to the working muscles so energy is produced without oxygen
lactic acid
a waste product and it causes muscles to ache and fatigue
oxygen debt
it is the amount of oxygen consumed during recovery which is consumed above what is normally consumed at rest. You gasp for air to repay the oxygen