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Balanced diet

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balanced diet
this is a diet which contains an optimal amount of nutrients. This allows you to have energy for work and exercise
7 nutrients
proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, water, vitamins and minerals
macro nutrients
these include proteins, fats and carbohydrates
micro nutrients
these include water, vitamins, minerals and fibre
these provide us with immediate energy. They are stored in the liver and muscles as glucogen and are converted to glucose when needed for energy. There are two types: sugars and starch
this helps muscles growth and repair. examples of this are: eggs, fish and meat
this provides stored energy and keeps us warm. Too much carbohydrate in the diet will turn into fat. There are 2 types: saturated and unsaturated
this help maintain general health: skin and vision
these include: calcium which strengthen bones; iron - which helps produce blood cells which carry oxygen; iodine - helps with growth and energy production
this keeps the body hydrated to stop dehydration. We lose this when we breathe, sweat and urinate
this helps keep the digestive system working properly
blood shunting
this is when blood is distributed where it is needed. During exercise blood is distributed to the muscles as they need oxygen. If we ate during exercise, some blood would get distributed to the digestive system