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Energy and weight

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basal metabolic rate (BMR)
amount of energy the body needs to function e.g. breathe
this is measured in joules (KJ) or calories (Kcal)
daily requirements
men should eat 2500 kcal per day and women 2000 kcal per day
energy balance
energy taken in needs to be equal to energy out
lose weight
you need to use more energy than taken in
gain weight
you need to take in more energy than used
having more body fat than you should have
extremely overfat
having weight in excess of normal
weighing less than normal, healthy or required
an eating disorder where people starve themselves as they think they are fat
an eating disorder where people eat a lot of food and them make themselves vomit
results in weight loss and performance decreases due to lack of energy, strength and hydration
results in weight gain and performance decreases due to being slower, less flexible and fatigued
optimum weight
ideal weight for a person.
height, sex, bone structure and muscle girth
these are all factors of which your optimum weight depends on