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substances that affect how your body works.
performance enhancing and recreational drugs
these are different types of drugs
Reasons for taking drugs
they make drugs because; winning gives them financial rewards, desire to be best at all costs, willing to risk cheating for public acclaim, influenced by other to improver performance, meet expectations of others, natural ability isn't good enough and to recover from injury quicker
is a recreational drug and it is legal. Nicotine is a legal drug, however it is illegal to smoke in public places
is a recreational drug which is socially acceptable, but is banned in many sports for safety reasons
this is a mild poison which increases your blood pressure and raises your heart rate. it is highly addictive
it is a mixture of chemicals. when smoke is inhaled it is left behind in the lungs and causes serious diseases
carbon monoxide
it is an odorless, tasteless, poisonous gas. It permanently bonds with red blood cells and when they are carrying this substance the red blood cells can no longer carry oxygen so you have a reduced amount of oxygen meaning your heart has to work harder, decreasing your cardiovascular fitness
short term effects of smoking
these includes coughing, increased heart rate and blood pressure and brethless
long term effects of smoking
these include gum disease and tooth loss;stroke; stomach uclers; decreased fitness levels, coronary heart disease and lung disease/cancer
short term effects of alcohol
these include: relaxing effect, dizziness, impaired judgement and speech, slower reactions, dehydration and vomitting
long term effect of alcohol
these in include liver/brain damage, damage to reproductive organs, memory loss, stomach problems, weight gain, depression and relationship problems
performance enhancing drugs
these are taken by athletes to improve their performance
6 types
these are: anabolic steroids, beta blockers, diuretics, narcotic analgesics, stimulants and peptide hormones
this is a peptide hormone and is known as EPO
blood doping
this is a banned method wher endurance athletes increase the amount of oxygen in their blood.
blood doping method
1) remove blood from athlete before competition. 2) more blood cells are produced in body. 3) blood injected back in 4) extra blood= extra oxygen
anabolic steriods
these are used to build muscle/bone mass. This increase strength and allows for harder training. An example is testosterone
anabolic steroid side effects
these include: high blood pressure, increased risk of hear attack, deepened voice and facial hair
beta blockers
these are used to lower your heart rate which reduces anxiety levels. An example sotalol
beta blocker side effects
these include: depression, nausea and diarrhoea and insomnia
these are taken to increase to amount of urine produced which helps you lose weight and they also 'flush out' other banned substances. An example is frusemide
diuretic side effects
these include: dehydration, muscle cramps and nausea
narcotic analgesics
these are taken to increase performer's pain threshold as they mask injuries so performers can still participate. An example is morphine
narcotic analgesics side effects
these include: difficult to concentrate, loss of balance and loss of cooridination
these are used to increase alertness. An example is caffeine or cocaine
stimulants side effects
these include: irritability, irregular pulse and anxiety
peptide hormones
these are used to increase muscle growth and increase red blood cell count - provide more oxygen. An example is EPO
peptide hormones side effects
these include: thickening of blood and increase blood pressure