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Injury Prevention

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injury prevention
there are 6 ways to prevent this and they are: warm up, checking equipment/facilities, PAR-Q, balanced competition, adherence to rules and correct clothing
warm up/cool down
this prevents injury because warming up the muscles before an activity reduces risk of injury and cool downs are used to remove lactic acid, preventing muscle soreness
equipment and facility checking
this prevents injury by checking to make sure equipment is in good condition and facilities are safe to use
Physical activity readiness questionnaire
this prevents injury by asking health questions to make sure they are healthy enough to take part in exercise programme
balance competition
this prevents injury because in sport , competitors need to be evenly matched to reduce the risk of injury. There are 4 ways:age, gender, skill (grading)/handicap and weight
this is balanced by having different leagues for different age competitors
this is balanced by women and men competing seperately
this is balanced by having different competitions for different skill levels
this is balanced by having different weight divisions
adherence to rules
this prevents injury because rules ensure fair play and also protect participants. Referees and official ensure safety by enforcing rules and punishments are put in place
This is needs to match the requirements of the activity - protective gear, type of clothing and footwear