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Effects on the cardiovascular system

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short term effects
These are: increased stroke volume, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and increased cardiac output
long term effects
These are: decrease in resting heart rate, quicker recovery rate, increased stroke volume, lower blood pressure and healthier veins and artieries
decreased resting heart rate
the fitter you are the lower your resting heart rate. Training increases the size of your heart and so it is able to supply same amount of blood in fewer beats
quicker recovery rate
the fitter you are, the quicker your recovery rate
increased stroke volume
training makes the heart bigger and stronger so more blood is pumped out per beat
lower blood pressure
exercise can help you lose weight, which reduces blood pressure
healthier veins and arteries
reqular exercise makes the blood vessels more flexible, efficient and clear
allows the heart to recover and adapt and so it allows it to grow in size and muscle thickness
cigarettes raise blood pressure because they release adrenaline
in moderation this can increase HDL which can lower blood pressure but too much can have adverse effects