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There are 6 categories: People, image, cultural factors, socio-economic factors, resources and health and wellbeing
Family, peers and role models all come under this category
Parental enthusiasm can influence their child's participation. Families help with funding and transport and children who are introduced to sport at an early age see it as part of their usual life
Starting PA with friends is more fun and can also encourage other to participate
Role models
These can influence people's as they can encourage them to participate in their role model's chosen sport to be like them
media coverage and fashion are sub categories of this key influence
sports clothing can encourage participation and popularity of activities can change depending on fashion at the time e.g. Wimbledon week
Media coverage
this is how the sport is shown to the public. Done in 4 ways: newspaper/magazines, television, radio and internet
major sporting events get 'live coverage' for TV so they are available to everyone
can broadcast live sporting events
sports are usually shown in back pages and specialised magazines
allows you access up-to-date information and visit sport websites
Cultural factors
Disability, race, age and gender are all sub categories of this key influence. To remember the sub categories remember DRAG
Sports clubs contain age limits. Young people have lots of opportunities to participate in PA whereas older people have fewer chances
disabilities can prevent individuals from participating
ethnic minorities live in poorer areas. Some religions may affect participation and there are sporting prejudices
Most team sports are single sex. Men generally play sport for fun, aggression and competition whereas women enjoy non-contact PA. There aren't as many sports teams for women
The population is divided into 9 categories. The higher the classifiaction, the more likely you are to participate
Different sports have different levels of funding. Some sports are easy to fund e.g. running and other sports are more expensive e.g. canoeing
Availability, time, access and location are the sub categoires
The availability of facilities depend on where you live. Facilities will be built where there is a demand for them
in small town access to facilities in difficult unless good transport is available
different locations have different sports available. e.g sailing. Artificial facilities can be created e.g. climbing walls
the amount of time you have will depend on how much PA you can participate in
health and wellbeing
This is main influence category. Participating in PA can help with mental and physical health problems such as depression and obesity . Positive effects are: improved immune system, stronger bones and ligaments and lower blood pressure. Some health porblems can prevent participation