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Sports participation pyramid and roles in sports

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Participation Pyramid
This consists of 4 levels: foundation, participation, performance and elite. A way to remember is : Feel Positive about Physical Education
this is where you learn basic movement skills, knowledge and understanding. It is done at school and includes multi-skills, throw,catch, run
this is where you participate in leisure time and includes extra curricular sports at school, leisure activities and gym
this is where you improve skills through coaching, competition and training. This is regional and local competitions
this is where you reach national and international standards of performance
Leadership roles
Qualities include: confident, organised, motivator, good instructor, understands rules and tactics and is a good role model
officiating roles
Qualities include: good decision making, fair, asserive, objective, understands rules and can project voice
Qualities include: enthusiastic, dedicated, empathy, helpful and good social skills