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a casa del diavolo
at the back of beyond / in the middle of nowhere
a casaccio
haphazardly / at random
a cuor leggero
light heartedly
cogliere qualcuno alla sprovvista
to catch somebody off guard / to catch someone off guard ; (unawares, off balance)
correre a gambe levate / scappare a gambe levate
to make a dash for it / to beat a hasty retreat
a macchia d'olio
like wildfire
a malincuore
mano a mano
gradually / little by little
mano nella mano
hand in hand
a occhio e croce
more or less / roughly
a pennello
perfectly / to perfection
ridere a crepapelle
to laugh until one's sides ache
a rotoli
downhill / to the dogs
a sbafo / a scrocco / a ufo
at someone else's expense / scrounging
a squarciagola
at the top of one's voice
a tu per tu
face to face