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avere la faccia tosta
to be cheeky
avere fegato
to have guts
avere le mani bucate
to be a spendthrift
avere gli occhi foderati di prosciutto
to be blinkered
cercare un ago in un pagliaio
to look for a needle in a haystack
cogliere in flagranza
to catch red-handed / to catch in the act
a denti stretti
through gritted teeth
la disponibilità
the means / the resources / the assets / the supplies / the availability / the accessibility
essere al verde
to be broke
un fancazzista / un fannullone
a lazybones
fare il filo
to have the hots for / to fancy
mangiare la foglia
to get wise to / to catch on to / to get the hang of
un maschilista
a male chauvinist
un menefreghista
a self-centred person / a person who could not care less / someone who could not care less / somebody who could not care less
mi sono cascate le braccia
I could have wept
mordersi la lingua
to bite one's tongue
prendere due piccioni con una fava
to kill two birds with one stone
prendere sotto gamba
to underestimate / to devalue
to effect / to have repercussions on
uno sciovinista
a jingoistic person
uno stacanovista
an eager beaver
tenere il piede in due scarpe
to be indecisive
to prove to be / to happen / to occur / to take place