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accorgersi di
to notice / to become aware
ammettere di
to admit to (doing something)
avere bisogno di
to need to / to have need of
avere il diritto (il dovere) di
to have the right to (do something)
avere intenzione di
to intend to / to have the intention of (doing something)
avere paura di
to be afraid of / to be afraid to
avere il tempo di
to have the time to (do something)
avere voglia di
to want to (do something)
cercare di
to try to (do something) / to seek to / to look to
chiedere di
to ask about / to ask for
confessare di
to confess to (doing something)
credere di
to believe (someone doing something)
decidere di
to decide to (do something)
dimenticarsi di
to forget to (do something) ; (followed by inf)
dire di
to say ; (as in to say yes/no)
dubitare di
to doubt (something or someone)
evitare di
to avoid (doing something)
fingere di
to pretend to (do something)
finire di
to finish (doing something)
immaginare di
to imagine (doing something)
impedire di
to prevent (someone from)
innamorarsi di
to fall in love with (somebody)
lamentarsi di
to complain about (someone, something or doing something)
negare di
to deny (having done something)
ordinare di
to order (to do something)
parlare di
to talk about (someone, something or doing something)
pensare di
to have an opinion about / to think about (doing something)
permettere di
to make it possible to / to allow (someone to do something)
piantarla di
to stop doing something / to pack it in
pregare di
to pray to / to beg for / to ask (someone to do something)
preoccuparsi di
to worry about (someone, something or doing something)
pretendere di
to claim to / to expect to / to pretend to (do something)
proibire di
to prohibit (doing something)
promettere di
to promise to (do something)
ricordarsi di
to remember to
rifiutarsi di
to refuse to - (do something)
scusarsi di
to apologise about (doing something)
sforzarsi di
to make an effort to (do something)
smettere di
to stop (doing something)
sognare di
to dream about (something or doing something)
sperare di
to hope to
suggerire di
to suggest
temere di
to fear
tentare di
to attempt to
terminare di
to terminate / to cease / to stop ; (doing something)
vergognarsi di
to be ashamed of
vietare di
to forbid