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domare un cavallo
to break in a horse / to tame a horse
fare attenzione
to watch out / to be careful / to make sure / to pay attention
fare il bucato
to do the laundry
fare casino
to make a noise / to make a mess / to make trouble
fare un complimento
to pay a compliment
fare la doccia
to shower / to have a shower
fare un favore
to do a favour
fare un giro
to take a ride / to take a spin / to take a tour / to do a tour
fare una passeggiata
to go for a stroll / to go for a walk / to take a walk / to take a stroll / to have a walk
fare le pulizie
to do the cleaning
fare uno sbaglio
to make a mistake
fare un viaggio
to take a journey / to make a journey / to take a trip
scoppiare una bolla
to burst a bubble
scoppiare uno pneumatico
to blow a tyre / to burst a tyre