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to get used to
abituarsi a
to accompany
accompagnare a
to help
aiutare a
to go downhill / to be ruined / to go to pot
andare a rotoli
to arrive at / to get to / to reach / to manage to
arrivare a
to begin to / to commence
cominciare a
to continue / to continue to
continuare a
to persuade / to convince / (someone to)
convincere a
to rush to / to run to / to hurry
correre a
to compel / to force / (someone to)
costringere a
to believe in
credere a
to make up one's mind to / to resolve to
decidersi a
to enjoy doing something / to have fun doing something
divertirsi a fare qualcosa
to enter
entrare a
to make it / to have time to
fare in tempo a
to stop oneself
fermarsi a
to play / ( sport)
giocare a
to learn to / (do something)
imparare a
to encourage / (someone to)
incoraggiare a
to start to / to begin to
iniziare a
to teach / (someone)
insegnare a
to be interested in / to take an interest in / to have an interest in
interessarsi a
to invite / (someone to)
invitare a
to send / (something to someone)
mandare a
to get down to / to start to / to resolve to
mettersi a
to participate in
partecipare a
to think about ; (remember something) / to reflect
pensare a
to prepare to
preparare a
to get ready to do something
prepararsi a fare qualcosa
to endeavour to / to try to / to try
provare a
to stay to
restare a
to give up / to quit / to renounce
rinunciare a
to succeed to / to succeed in / to manage to
riuscire a
to come up / to go up
salire a
to hurry to / to get a move on
sbrigarsi a
to smile at
sorridere a
to telephone
telefonare a
to return to
tornare a
to go out to
uscire a
to come to
venire a