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comunicare una notizia
to break the news
to matter / to be relevant / to have to do with something
fare un passo
to take a step
fare un pisolino
to take a nap / to have a nap
fare il proprio dovere
to do one's duty
prendere parte
to take part
rendersi conto
to realise / to realize
rompere il cellulare
to break the phone / (mobile)
rompere una gamba
to break a leg
rompere un rapporto
to break a relationship
scoppiare una bomba
to explode a bomb / to blow up a bomb
sono pieno da scoppiare
I'm fit to burst / I'm bursting at the seams / I am fit to burst / I am bursting at the seams / I am full to bursting
venire meno a una promessa
to break a promise