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avercela con qualcuno
to have it in for somebody / to have it in for someone
cedere il posto
to give up one's seat
to manage to do / to cope / to succeed
fare un bagno
to take a bath / to have a bath
fare una chiacchierata
to have a chat
fare una festa
to have a party
fare un intervallo
to take a break / to have an intermission
fare una partita
to have a game / (sport)
fare un sogno
to have a dream
mancare alla parola
to break one's word
scoppiare in lacrime
to burst into tears
scoppiare una guerra
to break out a war / to start a war
scoppiare un'epidemia
to break out an epidemic
scoppiare un incendio
to break out a fire
scoppiare una lite
to break out a quarrel