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to realize it / to realise it / to notice it / to become aware of it
to take advantage of / to exploit
to get by / to manage / to muddle through / to get off lightly
lavarsene le mani
to wash one's hands of something
legarsela al dito
to bear a grudge against somebody / to bear a grudege against someone
mettercela tutta
to do everything you can possibly do
to take time / (used in personal sense)
passarsela bene
to have a good time in life / to be doing well
prendersela con qualcuno per qualcosa
to get offended with someone over something
to finish something / to handle it / to manage it
to feel capable of doing something
pack it in / knock it off / stop it ; (imperative)
to have a ball / to have a great time
vedersela brutta
to be saved by a miracle / to have a lucky escape / to have a narrow escape
to be needed / to take a certain amount of time / (generally used 3rd person - It takes ...)
to take / to want ; (ie to take a lot of effort / patience / etc .. to do something or to really want to do something)