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the ratio of useful energy transferred (or useful work done) by a device to the energy supplied to it
the force applied to a machine to make it move
elastic limit
point beyond which a wire is permanently stretched
property of a solid that enables it to regain its shape after it has been deformed or distorted
process of electrical conduction in a solution or molten compound due to ions moving to the oppositely charged electrode
a solution or molten compound that conducts electricity
electromagnetic wave
an electric and magnetic wavepacket or photon that can travel through free space
electromotive force (emf)
the amount of electrical energy per unit charge produced inside a source of electrical energy
electron capture
process in which an inner-shell electron of an atom is captured by the nucleus
electron volt
amount of energy equal to 1.6*10^-19J. Defined as the work done when an electron is moved through a pd of 1V
optical fibre device used to see inside cavities
the capacity to do work
energy levels
the energy of an electron in an electron shell of an atom
state of an object when at rest or in uniform motion
error bar
representation of uncertainty on a graph
error of measurement
uncertainty of a measurement
process in which an atom absorbs energy without becoming ionized as a result of an electron inside an atom moving from an inner shell to an outer shell