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supply and demand
عرضه و تقاضا
Babe in arms
newborn, infant, baby
Like a kid in a candy store
If someone is like a kid in a candy store, they are very excited about something.
Over my dead body
صد سال سياه
He is a habitual liar
يك روده‌ي راست توي شكمش نيست
He is no end of a liar.
يك روده‌ي راست توي شكمش نيست
I’m at his throat
مي‌خواهم سر به تنش نباشد
A door must be either shut or open
يا خدا يا خرما
Your welcome never wears out
هميشه قدمتان روي چشم است
He is in the big time
كار و بارش سكه است
It is all over with me
كارم زار است
It serves him right
سزاوار است/ تا چشمش كور شود / حقش است
It is time to love you and leave you
گرچه دوست نداريم ولي بايد برويم
to get down off a high horse
از خر شيطان پايين آمدن
خدا بهمراه‌ ، بامان‌ حق‌