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God willing
God forbid
God bless you
خدا تورا بركت بدهد، خداعمرت بده
God bless your heart
خدا خيرت دهد
I wish to God that
خداكند كه
God damn you
خدالعنتت كند
May God help him
خدابه دادش برسد
Who knows / You never know
خدا راچه ديدي؟
God rest his soul
May God forgive him, May God bless him
at all costs
at any expense of time, effort or money, به هر قيمتي
back on your feet
return to good financial health, feeling better
bet your bottom dollar
bet all one has on something
bet on the wrong horse
base your plans on a wrong guess about the results of something
born with a silver spoon in your mouth
born to wealth and comfort, born rich
bottom dollar
your last dollar