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break even
have income equal to expenses
break the bank
win all the money at a casino gambling table
bring home the bacon
provide for one's family, financially support one's family
burn a hole in your pocket
money that one wishes or intends to spend quickly (often for something frivolous)
buy off
give money to someone to stop them from doing their duty
cash and carry
pay and take, buy and take away
cash in
exchange coupons or bonds for their value in money
cash in on
take advantage of a situation, profit by
cash in your chips
exchange or sell something to get some money
catch someone's eyes
capture a glance, چشم كسي را گرفتن
the bottom line
fundamental reason, basic reason; conclusion, final result
it's a long story
داستانش مفصله
get (or have) itchy feet
have or develop a strong urge to travel, عشق سفر
do sth fo kicks
كاري را براي تفريح انجام دادن
to be down in the dumps
ناراحت بودن