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his fate is sealed
سرنوشت‌ اوازقبل‌معلوم‌گرديده‌
Don't pull his leg
Don't tricked him, سر به سرش نگذار
to torment, trouble, pester
Don't pick on me
سر به سرم نگذار
He is a hot-head
سرش روی تنش سنگینی می کنه
He walks on air
سر از پا نمی شناسد
Be beside yourself
to be feeling so angry, excited etc that you find it difficult to control yourself
He has a friend at court
پارتی دارد
He pull strings
پارتی دارد
He has influential backers
پارتی بازی می کند/ پارتی دارد
The hand that holds the cradle, rules the world
بهشت زیر پای مادران است
He doesn't do it for our black eyes
عاشق چشم و ابروی ما که نیست
It's all fair and square
ظاهر و باطن همین است
It's a painful excuse
عذر بدتر از گناه است
That's the ticket
good job, you did well , این درسته