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good job
خسته نباشيد
Love neither obeys a king, nor respects the law
عاشقی شاه و گدا نمی شناسد
don't hold water
حرف هایش الکی است / با عقل جور در نمي آيد
Conversation makes one what he is
تا مرد سخن نگفته باشد عیب و هنرش نهفته باشد
He ate himself sick
تا خرخره خورده
That was anything but funny
ابدا خنده دار نبود
anything but
anything with the exception of
Butter couldn't melt in his mouth
آزارش به مورچه هم نمی رسد
Touch wood! (It may come good)
گوش شیطان کر --- بزنم به تخته
Away with you
get out of here!, go away!
Cheese it
look out, be careful, watch it (warning of danger)
He is shooting a line
خالی می بندد - خالی بند است
If wishes were horses, beggers might ride
کاشکی را کاشتند سبز نشد
You win some, you lose some
گهی زین به پشت و گهی پشت به زین
A feather in your cap
گلی به گوشه جمالت