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Dermatology (drug side effects)

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contact dermatitis (irritant reactions to cream ingredients)
fire hazard
worsening of untreated skin infection
Potent topical corticosteroids
thinning of skin, striae atrophicae, telangiectasia, acne, hypopigmentation
Potent topical corticosteroids
adrenal supression, Cushing's syndrome (rare)
Very potent corticosteroid (prolonged treatment)
skin irritation, burning, itching, folliculitis
Calcineurin inhibitors
local skin reactions (itching, erythema, burning, paraesthesia, dermatitis)
Topical vitamin D analogues
dry mouth, headache, nausea
Antihistamines (non-sedating)
drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, urinary retention
Antihistamines (sedating)
itching, burning, erythema, rash
Topical antifungals
nausea, abdo pain, diarrhoea
burning, stinging, itchiness, erythema, rash, paraesthesia
Permethrin cream
temporary worsening of scabies infection
Permethrin cream
smelly, messy
Coal tar preparations
skin irritation, bleaching of clothing/towels
Benzoyl peroxide
mild skin irritation
Topical antibacterials
burning, erythema, stinging, pruritis, dry/peeling skin
Topical retinoids
staining of teeth, rarely dental hypoplasia
Oral antibiotics (acne)
increased risk of clotting, mood imbalance, nausea, headaches
Combined hormonal contraceptives
dry skin, dry mucosal membranes, nose bleeds, joint pains, hair thinning
Oral retinoids
Oral retinoids
anorexia, nausea, low wbc, hepatitis
nephrotoxic, increased risk of skin cancer