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el conductor
the driver
to get off (transport)
to get on (transport)
to stop
la parada
the stop
¿cuántas paradas quedan?
how many stops left?
pregunta al conductor
ask the driver
excuse me! (formal)
hey (informal)
ha dicho
he said; she said
oye, ¿qué ha dicho?
hey, what did she say?
¿dónde me tengo que bajar?
where do I need to get off?
to let know; to notify
oiga, ¿me puede avisar?
hey, could you let me know?
la siguiente
the next one
la anterior
the previous one
to find out; to hear of; to realize
no me he enterado
I didn't hear
el horario está mal
the schedule is wrong
el retraso
the delay
punctual; on time
hay huelga de conductores
there's a bus strike
¡qué mala suerte!
what bad luck!
viene con retraso
it's delayed
suele ser puntual
it's normally on time
el billete
the ticket; the banknote
el cambio
the change
el billete de ida
the single ticket
¿me da un billete de ida y vuelta?
could I get a round trip ticket?
pues no le puedo dar cambio
well, I can't give you change
to get sick; to get dizzy
to throw up; to be sick
la bolsa
the plastic bag
¿alguien tiene una bolsa?
does anyone have a bag?
es que me mareo
it's just that I get carsick
en tren
by train
en barco
by boat
en avión
by plane
to announce
por megafonía
on the P.A. system
el tráfico
the traffic
el atasco
the traffic jam
darse prisa
to hurry up
vamos, date prisa
come on, hurry up!
to be left; to be missing
¿cuánto falta?
how long until we get there?
¿ya hemos llegado?
are we there yet?
ha dicho que hay atasco
he said there's a traffic jam
to show; to teach
to lose; to miss
to get (sthg.) wrong; to be mistaken
el revisor
the ticket inspector
tienes que enseñarle el billete al revisor
you need to show your ticket to the inspector
el asiento
the seat
tener razón
to be right
creo que este es mi asiento
I think this is my seat
anda, tiene usted razón
wow, you're right
mamá, he perdido el avión
mom, I missed the plane
me he equivocado de estación
I got the station wrong
¿estás de coña?
you've got to be kidding me!
¡buen viaje!
have a good trip!