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쇼핑하고 싶어요
I'd like to go shopping
그럼, 오늘 명동에 갈까요?
shall we go to Myeong-dong then?
버스 탈까요?
shall we take a bus?
the time people start work
the time people finish work
지금 퇴근시간이에요
it's the evening rush hour now
to be fast
지하철이 더 빨라요
the metro is faster
티머니 카드
T-money card (travel card)
티머니 카드는 버스, 지하철 환승이 돼요
you can transfer between the bus and tube with a T-money card
티머니 카드는 편의점에서 살 수 있어요
you can buy a T-money card at the convenience store
명동역은 몇 호선이에요?
which tube line goes to Myeong-dong station?
지하철 노선도
Tube map
지하철 노선도에서 확인할 수 있어요
you can check on the Tube map
명동역은 4호선이에요
Myeong-dong station is on line 4
to change; to transfer
서울역에서 한 번 갈아타야 해요
you should change once at Seoul station
이번 역은 서울역입니다
this stop is Seoul station
to get off
to be convenient
한국 지하철은 진짜 편리해요
the Korean metro is really convenient
여기서 명동까지 얼마나 걸려요?
how long does it take from here to Myeong-dong?
지하철로 20분쯤 걸려요
it takes around 20 minutes by tube
to sit
여기 앉을까요?
shall we sit here?
priority seat
여긴 노약자석이에요
here are the priority seats
there; over there
그럼 저쪽으로 갈까요?
shall we go there then?
다음 역에서 내려요
we will get off at the next station