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be pressed for
not have enough of something, usually time or money
pressed for
I'm _ _ _ time right now.
hang out
(inf) to spend a lot of time in a particular place or with particular people
hangs out
When Mary has spare time, she likes to relax. She usualy _ _ _ with friends she was at school with.
hang on
to wait awhile
hang on
_ _ _ a minute. I need to talk to you.
drag on
proceed for an extended period of time
pass by
to go past a person, place, vehicle...
dragged on
How can we find instant solutions to a situation that has _ _ _ for years?
passed by
Three weeks _ _ _ before I got a reply to my letter of complaint
think back
to think about things that happened in the past
think back
Now, try and _ _ _ to the night of January 16.
hurry up
to make someone or somethink go or work faster
go by
to pass
goes by
things will get easier as time _ _ _ .
go by
don't let those opportunities _ _ _!