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set off
(inf) to make something start happening, especially when you do not intend to do so (in written Eng. = trigger)
setting off
Hong Kongs's stock maket fell, _ _ _ _ a global financial crisis
trigger off
to set something off, such as an explosion.
trigger off
We were afraid that the sparks from the engine would _ _ an explosion _ _.
lie behind
to explain or be the reason for something
lay behind
She soon guessed what _ _ _ his question
pay back
to make someone suffer for doing something wrong or unpleasant
pay back
I'll _ _ Jenny _ _ for what she did to me!
bring back
to make you remember something
brought back
The trip _ _ _ a lot of happy memories
spring from
(spoken) to be caused by something or start from something
spring from
Most problems teenagers experience _ _ _ a feeling of insecurity