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go up
icrease (in price, amount, level...)
go up
Blood-sugar levels _ _ _ as you digest food
fill up
become fuller
fill up
Shall I _ _ the car _ _ (with petrol)?
filled up
Her eyes _ _ _ with tears.
look up
improve, get better
looking up
prospects for 1997 and 1998 are _ _ _
pick up
picking up
Bussiness was down at the beginning of the year, but is _ _ _ now.
heat up
to become warm or hot
heat up
The stove takes a while to _ _ _.
heated up
I _ _ _ the remains of last night's supper.
wake up
become awareness of a situation or problem
woke up
It's time you _ _ _ to the fact that it's a tough world.
woke up
it's time he _ _ _ to what's happening.
get over
to begin to fell better after a very upsetting experience
get over
My girlfriend left me and it tokk me awahile to _ _ _ that.
give up
to stop doing something, especially something that you do regularly
give up
I've managed to _ _ _ smoking this year.
wear off
to gradually stop
wore off
The effects of the painkiller _ _ _ and my tooth began to hurt
wear off
The pain started to _ _ _