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fall down
fell to the ground
fell down
She _ _ _ and broke her arm
wrap up
to put paper around something to cover it
wrap up
I must _ _ _ Stella's birthday present
pick up
lift something/ somebody up
pick up
'Mummy, can you _ _ me _ _?' Said the baby
tear up
to tear a piece of paper or cloth into small pieces =rip up
tore up
He felt angry and _ _ her letter _ _
tie up
to bind someone or something securely
tied up
I _ _ the package _ _ and put a label on it.
blow up
to destroy something, or to be destroyed, by an explosion
blew up
The plane _ _ _ in midair
move over
to change position so that there is more space for someone else
move over
_ _ _ a little bit, so I can get it.
move over
Would you _ _ your foot _ _ a little?