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put out
We managed to _ _ the fire _ _ before the fire brigade arrived
knock over
to push or strike someone or something, causing the person or the thing to fall
knock over
I didn't mean to _ _ you _ _ . Are you hurt?
knock down
to thrust someone or something to the ground by hitting
knocked down
The force of the blast _ _ us _ _.
knocked down
A child was in hospital last night after being _ _ _ by a car
run over
to hit someone or something with a vehicle, and drive over them
ran over
That car almost _ _ _ my toe.
fall apart
to break into pieces because of being too old or too weak
fall apart
Take care with this princeless old book. It's beginning to _ _ _
falling apart
The health service is "_ _ _ at the seams"
root out
to find out where a particular kind of problem exists and get rid of it
root out
Action is being taken to _ _ _ corruption in the police force
root out
The government says it will _ _ _ crime and the causes of crime
set back
◕ to delay or stop the progress of someone or something ◕ to set something, like a timepiece, to a lower number
set back
Illness had _ _ me _ _ back a couple of weeks
set back
_ _ _ your clock tonight