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bring up
to mention a subject or start to talk about it = raise
bring up
Why did you have to _ _ _ _ the subject of money?
spell out
to explain something clearly and in detail
spell out
I want you to understand this completely, so I'm going to _ _ it _ _ very carefully.
slip out
to unintentionally become known
slipped out
I didn't mean to say that. The words _ _ _ _
slipped out
It _ _ _ _ during her interview that she had been fired from her last job
keep from
to prevent someone from knowing something, by deliberately not telling them about it
keep from
The government had wanted to _ _ this information _ _ the public
open up
to stop being shy and say what you really think
opened up
Last night was the first time that ken had _ _ _ _ about his feelings
go back on
to not do something that you promised or agreed to do
go back on
He made me promise not to tell anyone about his secret and I can't _ _ _ _ my word
talk down to
to speak to someone in a patronizing manner; to speak to someone in the simplest way
talk down to
Please don't _ _ _ _ me. I can understand anything you have to say.
own up
to admit that you have done something wrong, especially something that is not serious
owned up
No one _ _ _ _ to breaking the window
play down
To minimize the importance of; make little of
play down
There's no point in trying to _ _ _ _ the incident - too many people say exactly what happened