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get ahead (in)
to be successful and do better than other people in a job or work
get ahead
If you want to _ _ _ in this company you have to be prepared to work long hours
take on
to accept a particular job or responsibility
took on
She _ _ too much _ _ and made herself ill
be tied up
to be very busy, so that you cannot do anything else
be tied up
I can't see you tomorrow - I'll _ _ _ _ _ all day
work on
to repair, build, or adjust something
working on
He has spent the last two years _ _ _ a book about chilcare
work on
His dancing technique is good, but he needs to _ _ _ his fitness
work towards
to try to achieve something
working towards
We are all _ _ _ similar goals
move along
to continue to move; to make progress
moving along
Construction of the bridge is _ _ _
start up
to come or cause to come into being for the first time; originate
started up
Jordan _ _ _ a band on his own
set up
to start a company, organization, commitee (=establish)
set up
He _ _ _ a small company hiring out bicycles to students