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Driving and Traveling

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drop off
to take someone or something to a place by car and leave them there on your way to another place
drop off
Could you _ _ me _ _ here, please?
pick up
to let someone get into your car, boat etc and take them somewhere
pick up
I'll _ _ you _ _ at the station
stop off
to make a short visit to a place during a journey, especially to rest or to see someone
stopped off
We _ _ _ _ in/at Paris for a day
check in
to sign oneself into a place to stay, such as a hotel, hospital, motel, etc
checked in
He _ _ _ _ at the Europa Hotel
check out
to do whatever is necessary to leave a place and then depart
checked out
The Gardners _ _ _ _ early this morning and left for Europe
get in
arrive (train, plane...)
get in
What time the bus _ _ _ _?
get in
Tommy, the train _ _ _ _ at Whoster at about 10:45am... see you there!
take off
to leave the ground and begin to fly (as with a bird or an airplane)
took off
The plane _ _ _ _ two hours late because of the fog.
stop over
to stop somewhere and stay a short time before continuing a long journey, especially when travelling by plane
stops over
The plane _ _ _ _ in Dubai on the way to India.