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write out
Let me _ _ it _ _. Then I won't forget it.
fill in
to write all the necessary information on an official document, form...
fill in
You will be asked to _ _ _ a questionnaire designed to measure your quality of life
cut out
I _ _ _ this paragraph from my article: '[...]' (remove)
touched on
she also _ _ _ the issue of corruption (=mention)
set out
to explain ideas, facts, or opinions in a clearly organized way
set out
He _ _ _ the reasons of his decision in his report
read out
to read something and say the words aloud so that other people can hear
read out
He _ _ _ the names of all the winners
come up
to be mentioned or talked about; appear
come up
This subject may possibly _ _ _ in the exam
mess up
to spoil or ruin something; to make a mistake and do something badly
messed up
I think I _ _ _ on the last question
catch up
to improve and reach the same standard as other people in your class, group...
catch up
If you miss a lot off classes, it's very difficult to _ _ _
crossed out
I _ _ _ 'Miss' and wrote 'Ms' (to draw a line)
work out
to do a calculation to get an answer to a mathematical question
work out
We need to _ _ _ the total cost of the project