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Feelings and Relationships

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cheer up
to become less sad, or to make someone feel less sad
cheer up
_ _ _! The worst is over
break down
to be unable to control your feelings and to start to cry
broke down
When we gave her the bad news, she _ _ _ and cried.
cool down
to stop feeling angry or to stop someone else feeling angry after an argument
cooled down
After I _ _ _ I realized I had been wrong
got along
We've always _ _ _ quite well
ask out
to invite someone to come with you to a place such as the cinema or a restaurant, especially as a way of starting a romantic relationship
ask out
You should _ _ her _ _ sometime
go for
(inf) to like that type of person or thing
go for
Annie tends to _ _ _ older men
fall out
to have a quarrel
fell out
They _ _ _ and didn't talk to each other for nine months
drift apart
lose personal contact over time
drifted apart
Over the years my college friends and I have _ _ _
break off
to end a relationship
broke off
She _ _ _ their engagement only a few weeks before they were due to be married
break up (with)
to end a romantic relationship with someone
broke up
Tom _ _ _ with Mary and started dating Lisa
make up to
to do something good for someone you have upset, in order to become friends with them again
make up to
Just give me one little chance to "_ _ it _ _" you
settle down
to start living a quiet and calm life in one place, especially when you get married
settle down
They'd like to see their dauther _ _ _, get married, and have kids