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raġel wieħed
one man
mara waħda
one woman
għandi tnejn
I have two
tnejn blu
two blue ones
żewġ qtates
two cats
żewġt irġiel
two men
għandi tlieta
I have three
tlieta blu
three blue ones
tliet qtates
three cats
tlett irġiel
three men
għandi erbgħa
I have four
erbgħa blu
four blue ones
erba’ qtates
four cats
erbat irġiel
four men
għandi ħamsa
I have five
ħames qtates
five cats
ħamest irġiel
five men
għandi sitta
I have six
sitt qtates
six cats
sitt irġiel
six men
għandi sebgħa
I have seven
seba’ qtates
seven cats
sebat irġiel
seven men
għandi tmienja
I have eight
tmien qtates
eight cats
tmint irġiel
eight men
għandi disgħa
I have nine
disa’ qtates
nine cats
disat irġiel
nine men
għandi għaxra
I have ten
għaxar qtates
ten cats
għaxart irġiel
ten men
għandi ħdax
I have eleven
ħdax-il qattus
eleven cats
tnax-il qattus
twelve cats
tlettax-il qattus
thirteen cats
erbatax-il qattus
fourteen cats
ħmistax-il qattus
fifteen cats
sittax-il qattus
sixteen cats
sbatax-il qattus
seventeen cats
tmintax-il qattus
eighteen cats
dsatax-il qattus
nineteen cats
għoxrin qattus
twenty cats
wieħed u għoxrin mara
twenty one women
tnejn u għoxrin qattus
twenty two cats
tletin qattus
thirty cats
wieħed u tletin mara
thirty one women
erbgħin qattus
fourty cats
ħamsin qattus
fifty cats
sittin qattus
sixty cats
sebgħin qattus
seventy cats
tmenin qattus
eighty cats
disgħin qattus
ninety cats
għandi mija
I have a hundred
mitt qattus
a hundred cats
mitt raġel u wieħed
a hundred and one men
mitt mara u waħda
a hundred and one women
għandi mija u tnejn
I have a hundred and two
mija u żewġ qtates
a hundred and two cats
għandi mija u għaxra
I have a hundred and ten
mija u għaxar qtates
a hundred and ten cats
mija u għaxart irġiel
a hundred and ten men
għandi mija u ħdax
I have a hundred and eleven
mija u ħdax-il qattus
a hundred and eleven cats
mija u għoxrin qattus
a hundred and twenty cats
mija, wieħed u għoxrin mara
a hundred and twenty one women
mitejn qattus
two hundred cats
mitejn raġel u wieħed
two hundred and one men
mitejn mara u waħda
two hundred and one women
mitejn u żewġ qtates
two hundred and two cats
mitejn u żewġt irġiel
two hundred and two men
mitejn u ħdax-il qattus
two hundred and eleven cats
mitejn, wieħed u għoxrin mara
two hundred and twenty one women
għandi tliet mija
I have three hundred
tliet mitt qattus
three hundred cats
tliet mitt raġel u wieħed
three hundred and one men
tliet mitt mara u waħda
three hundred and one women
tliet mija u żewġ qtates
three hundred and two cats
tliet mija u żewġt irġiel
three hundred and two men
għandi erba’ mija
I have four hundred
għandi ħames mija
I have five hundred
sitt mitt qattus
six hundred cats
għandi seba’ mija
I have seven hundred
tmien mitt qattus
eight hundred cats
għandi disa’ mija
I have nine hundred
għandi elf
I have a thousand
elf qattus
a thousand cats
elf raġel u wieħed
a thousand and one men
elf mara u waħda
a thousand and one women
għandi elfejn
I have two thousand
elfejn qattus
two thousand cats
għandi tlett elef
I have three thousand
erbat elef qattus
four thousand cats
għandi ħamest elef
I have five thousand
sitt elef qattus
six thousand cats
għandi sebat elef
I have seven thousand
tmint elef qattus
eight thousand cats
għandi disat elef
I have nine thousand
tlett elef, mitejn qattus u wieħed
3201 cats
ħamest elef, tliet mija u erbatax-il qattus
5314 cats
sebat elef u ħames mitt qattus
7500 cats
tmint elef, seba’ mija u żewġ qtates
8702 cats
disat elef, disa’ mija, disgħa u disgħin qattus
9999 cats