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Il-Ħinijiet ta’ Matul il-Ġurnata (Times of the Day

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in the morning
filgħodu kmieni
early in the morning
filgħodu mas-sebħ
in the morning at sunrise
tard filgħodu
late in the morning
at noon
wara nofsinhar
after twelve o’clock
in the afternoon
kmieni wara nofsinhar
early in the afternoon
tard wara nofsinhar
late in the afternoon
in the evening
tard filgħaxija
late in the evening
ma’ nżul ix-xemx
at sunset
at night
tard billejl
late at night
at midnight
is-siegħa ta’ filgħodu
one AM
is-sagħtejn ta’ filgħodu
two AM
it-tlieta ta’ filgħodu
three AM
is-siegħa ta’ waranofsinhar
one PM
is-sagħtejn ta’ waranofsinhar
two PM
is-sitta ta’ filgħaxija
six PM
il-ħdax ta’ filgħaxija
eleven PM
is-siegħa u ħamsa
five past one
is-siegħa u għaxra
ten past one
is-siegħa u kwart
fifteen past one
is-siegħa u għoxrin
twenty past one
is-siegħa u nofs neqsin ħamsa
twenty five past one
is-siegħa u nofs neqsin erbgħa
twenty six past one
is-siegħa u nofs neqsin minuta
twenty nine past one
is-siegħa u nofs
half past one
is-siegħa u nofs u ħamsa
thirty five past one
is-sagħtejn neqsin għoxrin
twenty to two
is-sagħtejn neqsin kwart
fifteen to two
is-sagħtejn neqsin għaxra
ten to two
is-sagħtejn neqsin ħamsa
five to two
is-sagħtejn bumm
two o’ clock (exactly)
fifteen past twelve
half past twelve
is-siegħa u kwart u ftit
a little after fifteen past one
is-siegħa u kważi għoxrin
almost twenty past one
bejn wieħed u ieħor
between one and the other
għandek ħin?
do you have the time?
kemm sar ħin
how time flies