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Il-Preżent Kontinwu u Il-Futur (Present Continuous

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qiegħed nara
I am seeing (male)
qiegħda nara
I am seeing (female)
qiegħed tara
you are seeing (male)
qiegħda tara
you are seeing (female) / she is seeing
qiegħed jara
he is seeing
qiegħdu naraw
we are seeing
qiegħdu taraw
you are seeing (plural)
qiegħdu jaraw
they are seeing
ser nara
I will see
ser tara
you will see / she will see
ser jara
he will see
ser naraw
we will see
ser taraw
you will see (plural)
ser jaraw
they will see
ser inkun
I will be
ser tkun
you will be / she will be
ser ikun
he will be
ser inkunu
we will be
ser tkunu
you will be (plural)
ser ikunu
they will be