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Class I Weak Verb (ar-ð) Bending

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at kasta
to throw
eg kasti
I throw
tú kastar
you throw
hann kastar
he throws
hon kastar
she throws
tað kastar
it throws
vit kasta
we throw
tit kasta
ya'all throw
tey kasta
they throw
teir kasta
they m throw
tær kasta
they f throw
Throw ya'all!
eg kastaði
I threw
tú kastaði
you threw
hann kastaði
he threw
hon kastaði
she threw
tað kastaði
it threw
vit kastaðu
we threw
tit kastaðu
ya'all threw
teir kastaðu
they m threw
tær kastaðu
they f threw
tey kastaðu
they threw
eg havi kastað
I have thrown
tú hevur kastað
you have thrown
hann hevur kastað
he has thrown
vit hava kastað
we have thrown
tey hava kastað
they have thrown