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at batna
to improve
at bíða
to wait
at hevja
to lift
at hugsa
to think
at kóka
to boil
at órógva
to disturb
at skriva
to write
at svara
to answer
at vakna
to awake
at vaska
to wash
at viga
to weigh
at vóna
to hope
at vænta
to expect
at flýggja
to flee
at fríggja
to court
at tryggja
to insure
at styðja
to support
at dáma
to please
at náa
to approach
at riða
to make a net
at rópa
to call
at sáa
to sow
at snúgva
to turn (or be about)
at spáa
to predict
at sveipa
to wrap