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at droyma
to dream
at døma
to judge
at fjala
to hide
at hoyra
to hear
at læra
to teach
at plaga
to be wont
at royna
to try
at selja
to sell
at sigla
to sail
at skerja
to tear
at spara
to save (money)
at spæla
to play
at sýna
to show
at tola
to endure
at tora
to dare
at brenna
to burn (trans)
at dimma
to grow dark
at fella
to fell
at høgga
to hew
at kenna
to feel
at henda
to happen
at kynda
to kindle
at senda
to send
at venda
to turn
at breiða
to spread (broaden)
at arbeiða
to work
at bræða
to melt
at gleða
to gladden
at greiða
to explain
at klæða
to clothe
at leiða
to lead
at noyða
to compel
at ráða
to advise
at stríða
to struggle
at týða
to translate
at veiða
to catch fish
at gyrða
to gird
at hirða
to cover
at duga
to be able
at liva
to live (be alive)
at keypa
to buy
at broyta
to alter
at frelsa
to save (Jesus)
at loysa
to release
at lýsa
to shine
at møta
to meet
at nýta
to use 1
at seta
to set
at vísa
to show
at klippa
to cut
at kyssa
to kiss
at missa
to lose
at sleppa
to let go
at birta
to reveal
at bresta
to burst
at gista
to lodge
at hitta
to meet (up)
at lyfta
to lift
at rista
to shake or engrave
at rætta
to stretch
at brúka
to use 2
at blása
to blow
at hjálpa
to help
at flenna
to laugh
at tæna
to serve
at fylla
to fill
at læna
to lend
at meina
to mean
at mæla til
to recommend
at smílast
to smile
at spilla
to waste
at skilja
to understand
at fylgja
to follow
at dyrgja
to fish
at syrgja
to sorrow
at boyggja
to bend (bow)
at byggja
to build
at skyggja
to shine
at deingja
to strike
at heingja
to hang (trans)
at spreingja
to explode
at steingja
to close
at treingja
to press or be in need
at sveingjast
to become hungry
at leingjast
to long for
at líkjast
to resemble
at roykja
to smoke (trans)
at sníkja
to sneak
at spekja
to tame I
at søkja
to seek
at vakja
to be awake
at víkja
to retreat
at yrkja
to write poetry
at flykkjast
to flock
at samtykkja
to agree
at tekkja
to perceive
at skeinkja
to pour
at sleikja
to lick
at steikja
to fry
at teinkja
to think
at berja
to beat
at verja
to defend
at flekja
to split
at rekja
to unravel
at tekja
to cover
at vekja
to waken (trans)
at tykja
to seem
at frøa
to please
at gløa
to stare